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Angela Pina Ganzoni

"THE Garden"


An apple a day 

keeps the doctor away

That is such a privileged to me

I am lucky to say

that each n every day

An apple just falls from my Tree

The house in which I am living

is surrounded by a Garden

With Flower - Birds n Chickens walk arround

And if some ot them gets bored it knocks it's packer on my door

I open up so we can have a chat

My eyes are wild and free

Nothing bothers me

If it does it is part of Paradise

When everything is destroyed I will build it up again

We might be wiser this time once and for all

Sometimes I sing a song

because this is where I belong

All loneliness and sandness disapear

You can come to that place

to my space

to this Kingdom

You could be my hero

You can come anytime

You want


Oder morn?

Aber nöd ersch übermorn!

Please be my hero

I will simply care

The sun rises every morning

Even though i am not awake

And if i am I ll be able to see

How the morning stars vanish

and the Darkness parts the Light

God and Me know

my face

my Heart

my Love

shines equally bright

Chum echli zu mir

Wänn ich nüm weiss wer ich bin

I han troimt Du häsch mich erkennt

Häsch mich bi mine wahre Name gnännt

Und wo mir eus umarmt händ

Hät plötzlich wieder das Füür brännt

Oh Utopie, füehr mi

Det hii won ich cha sii

Utopie, füehr eus hi

Wo mir all






Bei Fragen oder Antworten kontaktieren Sie mich gerne.

Ps. Es ist mein Beruf. Es gibt no meh. Vo Allem.

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